End of an Era

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As expected, NBC will make room for an “ER? victory lap next year, picking the show up for a 15th and final season. Peacock and Warner Bros. TV were mum on how much NBC is paying for the season’s 19 episodes – but it’s believed that Warner Bros. agreed to a reduced license fee for the show’s last go-round. The deal required some adjusting in terms of making the show’s budget, insiders said, but the negotiation was characterized as smooth.

I haven’t watched it in years, but I was a big fan of it for the first, oh, three seasons.  I can remember walking to class in college that fall and thinking, “Wow, I have eight episodes of ER piled up across six different VHS tapes.  I’ll never get to them.”  That day, I recycled the tapes for other shows and never looked back.

I wonder if “Love’s Labor Lost” still holds up, more than a decade later?

4 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. I must commend you on giving up so early in the show’s run. I think that I persevered until Anthony Edwards left the show and then went cold turkey when I realized that I couldn’t stand any of the young, hot doctors that had joined.

  2. I have to admit that I still watch every new episode of “ER” — it’s been a bit of a struggle. Most episdoes lately have been pretty pedestrian, but every now and then they do a decent episode. Plus, I’ve always like Maura Tierney. If she were to leave . . . I really wouldn’t have any reason left to watch.

  3. I still watch it weekly but it has just been decent enough ever since the likes of Green & Carter left. The new doctors are just not interesting enough and the writers always follow the same formula when introducing new docs: make them a brash & cocky jackass, have them question authority and keep them like until the next new guy comes in.

    I guess there is nothing left to challenge Law & Order for longest running show now then.

  4. Yeah, I’m the same way. I caught bits and pieces of ER after Mark Green left,but I never felt that Carter was able to carry the show on his back the way the others did. He didn’t have the gravitas, and always seemed to work better with others, than lead the way.

    I only know episode names of West wing, so I’ll have to look up love’s labor lost.

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