Two Weeks of Twittering

I know I missed this post last week, but I’m never going to be able to catch up. So here are the highlghts from the last week.  You can follow the Tweets as they happen, or wait for these updates (theoretically weekly) here.

  • CD wallets only exist for the sake of contest giveouts. See for the latest example.
  • Rode a Merry-Go-Round with a two year old this afternoon. Who’s the greatest Uncle in the whole wide world? ME. 
  • My sister just gave birth. I have ANOTHER niece now. That’s 8 nieces and 1 nephew. I’m never going to hear the end of Dora, am I? [March 31st.]
  • I need a night off from my moonlighting job. It’s too much work.
  • Subnetting the hell out of some masks right now. [Yeah, I think @robworley was right — I was masking the hell out of some subnets.  In either case, the result is the same — mass confusion.]
  • I think my neighbor is playing Guitar Hero III – “Paint It Black” at the moment. I recognize that chord. . . I used to have time to play it.
  • Lotsa new versions of software running on my computer tonight:ImageWell, LightRoom, and Firefox. Better check for an iTunes update next. ;-)
  • Good thing about being in a training class this week? Twittering during the day!
  • Saw a McDonald delivery truck which had a slogan on the side inclusive of the word “quaity.” The typo is NOT mine.  [I’m still ticked off I couldn’t get my phone’s camera working quickly enough.  I hate camera phones.]
  • Am slightly weirded out to see Oprah using Skype. It’s my wife’s fault. . . 
  • Just to specify – it’s my wife’s fault that I know what’s on Oprah. Not that Oprah is using Skype.
  • I’m really liking this Firefox 3 Beta 4 browser. Must go download Beta 5 next. . . [And, of course, later that night it automatically updated itself.  I’m using Beta 5 now. Pretty cool, still]
  • Crap, NYCC is only two weeks away! WHOO-HOO! My one weekend convention season is almost here! [It’s a week and a half away now!]
  • Used the old VandS Politics site to test WP2.5 Blew the site away, can’t bring it back. Whoops. Now I’m afraid of using it in production.
  • The next version of Windows to break backwards-compatability? Ground-up rewrite? This is promising, if true:
  • Cablevision’s DVR can remember where you left off playing a given show. It doesn’t ONLY play from the beginning anymore. Hallelujah!
  • I love how often I pay a bill on-line mere hours before I get an e-mail letting me know that the monthly statement is now available. 

  • Yes, the Pipeline Podcast is malfunctioning due to the CBR update. Sad. But we’re working on it. SOMEONE is working on it. . . 
  • Just deleted a dozen users who registered at my blog. Clearly, all spammers. 10 were one letter variations of the same name. Why?!? 

4 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Twittering

  1. Augie,

    Does the Cablevision DVR remembering where it left off work after you turn off the cablebox? It definitely remembers if I change the channel. Nice to see that they updated that. Now they need to improve searching for a show over an entire week instead of just by day.

  2. Yup, it remembers it. I haven’t unplugged the box and tried plugging it back in or anything crazy, but my universal remote turns the power off on the DVR when I shut down the TV or switch to another box, so it’s still sticking. Whoo-hoo!

    I wish they’d add the 15 minute chapter stops like the TiVo does, too. Those would be handy. And the 30 second skip, of course. ;-)

  3. All this talk of cable system DVRs (and their lack of TiVo functionality) has me very excited to know that I’ll buying a couple of TiVo HDs when I move later on this year!

  4. Heh, Merry Go-Rounds are cool. I know what you mean about Dora, two of my nieces love her. My other two nieces aren’t allowed to watch or play with the toys (their parents think Dora borders on indoctrination). Then Barbie is the other way around (the first parents don’t allow it, the second do).

    I’m just glad none of them can stand Bratz. To paraphrase classic Garfield, whoever came up with that toy line should be drug out to the street and shot (sigh, I remember when Garfield was consistently funny).

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