Twitters of the Week

Here’s a look at some of the highlights from my Twitter postings of the last week.  Updates, where necessary, occur in italics afterwards.

  • Yes, the Pipeline Podcast is malfunctioning due to the CBR update. Sad. But we’re working on it. SOMEONE is working on it. . . (It’s been down for two weeks now.  Sad.)
  • Just deleted a dozen users who registered at my blog. Clearly, all spammers. 10 were one letter variations of the same name. Why?!?
  • This is just another day I have to get through.
  • @cskilpatrick – Great, now I want to go back to my HOMICIDE DVDs to pick up where I left off. That and SHIELD: greatest cop shows ever.
  • Nope, couldn’t stomach watching Idol Gives Back tonight. Caught some early parts, then fast forwarded to infinity.
  • What happens when you don’t check Twitter for 15 hours? SEVEN PAGES’ OF “Recent.” UGH (I shortly thereafter stopped following one or two people who clearly work from home during the day and can constantly update with every little thing.)
  • It’s “I have seen” or “I’ve seen,” not “I seen,” you illiterate inbred teenaged moron.
  • I love how I have to make a copy of each Tweet before posting it, as Twitter is eating half of them this week. . .
  • For months now, I’ve been stuck in the 180s for # of Feedburner RSS subscribers to my blog. What’s it going to take to get another 20?!?
  • Twitter still sucking at accepting new posts. This is getting very very annoying. (This seems to have been fixed now.)
  • I don’t care what the reason is for it, I just know I DO NOT WANT CELL PHONES ON AIRPLANES. It’s the last oasis of sanity. 
  • @FyodorFish – Like many, I’m fine with the lie that phones interrupt plane instruments, if it keeps those extra voices down.
  • Humming Jonathan Coulton’s “Tom Cruise Crazy” tonight.  (I still am. It’s a catchy ditty, even if you think Tom Cruise jokes are too easy to be funny.)
  • Hmm, Amazon Associates isn’t giving me any credit for any purchases made through my site this month, all of a sudden. Hope it’s temporary.
  • Just realized that with my new camera lens, my old polarizer filter officially fits NOTHING. ::sigh::
  • @ronxo – Haircuts always look better a week later. I like that week, though, as washing it only takes 30 seconds. I am happy to be a guy
  • Just read Walking Dead #49 – holy shitake mushrooms. I stared at one page with my jaw on the ground for a minute before moving on. . . (That would be page 10. A review is coming in Tuesday’s Pipeline.)
  • Sometimes I post a Twitter message just to remember where I left off for when I check back in 12 hours later. . .
  • Wow, looking at the “Everyone” tab is disconcerting. A cacophony. Noisy. Wow.
  • Clay Aiken during Season Two of American Idol with that big voice and young look — it’s Rick Astley, isn’t it?!?
  • Had a great day out hiking and taking pictures. I’m thinking there’s a BIG blog post coming this week.

2 thoughts on “Twitters of the Week

  1. Completely agreed about the phones on planes thing. You can just imagine how annoying it will get especially on long haul flights.

    Can you still listen to the Pipeline Podcast via some way Augie or is it just in limbo for the meantime?

  2. It’s in complete limbo right now, sadly. I can’t even give you the direct link to where the MP3s would be, because that directory is redirecting somewhere else magically. It’s all messed up.

    Actually, I didn’t record one last week and haven’t recorded one yet this week, pending this technical mess getting straightened out. I’ll make a big announcement when we’re all back up and running again, though.

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