AI7 – Round of 7 – Results

If you missed it, I can save you an hour:

The bottom three: Syesha, Kristy, and Brooke.

Ryan declared Syesha safe first, just to completely throw off my game.  Really.  I’m going to keep picking Syesha to go home every week until I get it right.  I’ll be right eventually. I just know it.

At that point, Kristy started to say her good-byes, but Brooke tried to shush her, telling her that she never knows what’s going to happen.  But she did.  Kristy went home tonight.

It’s always sad when someone peaks too late in the game, but that’s what happened here.

Mariah Carey sang. I think. Her obnoxiously fake diamond-studded mic stand and mic were blinding me from her orange skin, and the volume level on her mic was so low that it sounded like she was singing far in the background behind the backup singers.  When she screamed, it just about leveled out. Maybe that was the point?  Set the mic for the high notes, and let the rest fade away? Awful song, in any case.

Also, we finally had the caller from hell, as one girl was giving shout outs from all her friends to various contestants.  That whole segment is a very very bad and unnecessary idea.  I don’t know why they haven’t killed it yet. Next week: I’ll call it now — Syesha goes home.

4 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 7 – Results

  1. So my guy-girl-guy-girl theory holds up for another week! If the trend continues, a guy will go home next week. My money’s on Jason, if that’s the case. I don’t think he has the fan base of either of the Davids.

    But, I don’t know if the trend will continue! For whom will Kristy’s supporters vote next week? I think some will go with Brooke, others probably with David Cooke. I don’t think Sayesha will benefit from Kristy’s absence, so she’ll be bottom three again–and probably out. That’s my prediction.

  2. I’m with you Augie. I will say Syesha next week as well.

  3. next week: Andrew Lloyd Webber… and Leona Lewis is singing on the results show…her new song “Bleeding Love” Heard it on the radio tonight.. its ok… Also Kristy Lee got re-engaged after the results show.. uess he proposed back in March in private, but this time he got on his knee on the stage….after taping…

    I think even if David C gets voted off.. he will be the Daughtry of this season!!!!!


    Why Kristy Lee?? WHY????

    By the way, did you guys notice how cruel the show was to Kristy Lee, placing her next to David Cooke just to make her think she was safe? I mean, if you were placed in the group that contained either Cooke or Archuleta, wouldn’t you think you were safe? That wasn’t very nice.

    Finally, I’m now convinced no one’s going to stop Archuleta. But I’m going to be cheering Cooke on at the end.

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