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I’m all caught up on Big Brother, at last.  From here on out, we’ll have spoilers for the season so far.  If you’re not caught up, you’ve been warned.

Boy, what a bunch of criers they have this year.  Who in that house hasn’t cried yet?  Ryan, maybe?

I’m torn between who should win.  It’s either Ryan or Sharon.  While playing vastly different games, they’re both following definite winning strategies.  Ryan’s is more dangerous, though.  Everything he accused Natalie of last week, he’s guilty of.  He has a deal with everyone left in the house to be in the Final Two with them.  Somehow, he’s managed to keep that secret.  Somehow, nobody else in the house has compared notes on Ryan, who’s become something of a House leader and, thus, painted a large target on his back that nobody has yet seen.  That’s remarkable.

Sharon is the first contestant EVER to truly play under the radar.  Others have gotten to the end by riding coattails and then claimed, retroactively, that their intent was to play “Under The Radar.” Sharon actually does it, and works it beautifully.  She stays out of arguments.  She isn’t disagreeable.  She never makes a spectacle of herself.  She just quietly plants bugs in people’s ears and listens to them when they talk.  She stays out of others’ arguments, then reaps the benefits.  She’s playing the game, on purpose, in a low key manner.  If she makes it to the end, she could make a convincing case that she’s the real powerhouse who deserves to win.

This last Head of Household game annoyed me, though.  Using the hamsters as a pre-existing relationship in the house is a trick question.  And, of course, it’s the one that cost Sharon HoH.  Well, that and her ridiculously low answer for the tie-breaking question.  When three people were up in the glass house for two hours each, the answer has to be greater than 130 (2 hours 10 minutes).  Idiot.  I’d just hate to see her lose the whole game for one stupid mistake.

The true power in the game this week is in the Power of Veto.  He or She who wins that, controls who leaves (but not Ryan) this week.  Period.  So while it’s unfortunate that Sharon didn’t win the HoH, she still has a good chance of making it through another week. I think the boys want to take out Sheila just as much as they do Sharon.  And while Ryan’s back door deal with Sharon seems to have been forgotten, maybe it can be revived.  He doesn’t need her, though, so she needs to make a good case that her three votes in the Jury House aren’t enough.

One last thought: Is Natalie the biggest psycho the BB house has ever seen?  You can see the crazy in her eyes, for goodness’ sakes!

4 thoughts on “Big Brother – Now Up To Date

  1. I do believe that Natalie is indeed the biggest psycho that CBS has ever seen – not just Big Brother – and that includes CRIMINAL MINDS which deals with the truly psycho. From the feeds, it was very obvious early on that something was a bit… off .. with her, it just took the show a while to show it. Even a horndog like Mattie – who’d have sex with squirrels if they looked his way – has stayed far away from her after her “Welcome to Big Brother” blowjob she gave him on night 2 in the house. That wide-eyed crazy look of hers .. just gives me the heebie-jeebies !!!

  2. I was wondering if you were watching this season. And, yes Natalie is a freak show.

    Also, I wonder how religious the members of “Team Christ” are in real life. It seems to me that Sharon is the only one in the house that is truly religious but who knows. I think they get bored and the only book they can read is the bible.

  3. This is the first season if BB I’ve watched since the original season years ago. I’m definitely hooked, and will probably watch the summer season when it airs. I’m rooting for Sharon or Sheila to win.

  4. I am pulling for Sharon, my hometown girl (Olathe, KS)! She has definitely flown under the radar all season, and may be the one person that both sides of the sequestor house could agree on.

    As for Natalie being the biggest psycho…. she is definitely the biggest psycho to last so long in the game. However, I think the top dog has to go to the guy in Season 2 or 3 who threatened a houseguest with a butcher knife. He was booted by CBS immediately. Nice screening process they had back then.

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