Big Brother nears the end

I’m disappointed in both Sharon and Ryan tonight.  I wanted to see those two battling it out in the finale for votes — two strong players with very different gameplay.  Instead, we have Adam once again voting for anyone who’ll cry to him and throwing the game a different way.  We have Sharon refusing to play the game one time too many, refusing a deal (even if ultimately meaningless) that might have covered her secret alliance long enough to save the day.  We have Ryan believing something Adam says?  I still don’t get that one.

So who might win this?  Ryan is the last one left in the house who deserves to win.  He’s orchestrated most of it in the last month.  He’s won competitions.  He’s had Final Two and Final Three deals with just about everyone in the house and never been caught on it.  He’s hid behind a smile and a friendly demeanor while plotting everyone else’s ouster.  He’s a great actor.  He got voted out of the house once and still survived, despite an obnoxious partner nobody liked, and a girlfriend in the house that people didn’t like. Sheila cries a lot and doesn’t do much. She’s made one strong power play in the season and that’s it.

Adam is an idiot who gets caught in every lie, who nobody really likes, who stabs all of his partners in the back, and yet keeps getting away with it.  How he’s slid this far down the slide of this game I’ll never know. It’s still not enough to get my vote, though.

But how will the jury vote? I don’t think Sheila can win, even with the “I deserve it” and “I’m a single mother” cards being played.   The jury is too cynical for that to work this season.

So, Ryan versus Adam?  Adam is a buffoon. Ryan is well-liked, and if he’s smart he’ll tell everyone everything he’s done, reveal himself as the master manipulator nobody saw coming, and take the half million dollar prize.

That’s my theory.

4 thoughts on “Big Brother nears the end

  1. I hate to say it, but Adam – seems to be a lot smarter than he looks. He keeps cool with everyone ( for the most part ) and seems almost as if he’s not playing the game. Most of all, he hasn’t really gotten into anybody’s face. Ryan on the other hand, he made deals with TOO many people – half of those in the jury room – who will likely seek revenge for the betrayal rather than reward it. It’s hard to say at this point. Sheila had a chance at Top 2 tonight, but lost it- when she started the tears yet again !

  2. As Mattie said tonight, this is a game of back stabbing. it’s time that the losers in the Jury House realize that and recognize it. Ryan controlled this game, made deals with everyone, and NEVER GOT CAUGHT. That’s a trick everyone wishes they could pull off. Time to put hurt feelings aside and vote for the best player in the game. That’s Ryan. He controlled it. Adam changed his mind anytime someone cried in front of him. The only smart move Adam ever made was in convincing Ryan to vote out Sharon. (From a game play point of view, it made the most sense.)

  3. My gut says Adam is going to win by a landslide. Don’t forget that Ryan has the much-despised Jen dragging him down. No one wants to see her get her hands on any of the $500,000!

  4. The thing about the final votes is – that in the sequester house – all they do is discuss and re-discuss the game over and over and over. Ryan did indeed make deal after deal with EVERYONE – and while that gets you through the game – people left there to vote – don’t want to feel like they were outwitted or suckered by anybody ( despite saying that’s a part of the game ). I think that – and the fact that Ryan had this leach-like attachment by Jen – sorry, I mean by the much despised Jen – was what lost him the game !

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