Twitter Round Up

Better late than never, eh?

Also, I have your questions about my radio history to answer one of these weeks.  I haven’t forgotten about that one, either.

In the meantime, follow me on Twitter, or wait for these mostly-weekly round-ups.

Let’s try grouping these together into topics:

Profundities and Daily Living

  • I’m not going to sleep; I’m merely giving up on the day.  
  • Crap, it’s still the “work week,” isn’t it? I had hoped to wake up to something better.
  • Don’tcha hate it when bad things happen to annoying people? Also: Starr Jones is getting divorced.
  • “Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.”
  • Way way too much to do tonight, and not nearly enough time. But it all has a deadline of tonight. I’m screwed.
  • @gordontheintern – Wheat thins are, indeed, the world’s greatest cracker.
  • Going to bed 40 minutes later than I should, and still haven’t done half the things I wanted to tonight. Tomorrow, we try again!

The Environment

  • In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I’m going to print out every e-mail I receive.
  • Am sick of green everything. I’d rather see people genuinely interested in cleaner tech than the fashionable fad of the day.

Comics and the New York Comic Con

  • Not going to San Diego again this year, either. Being a grown up sucks.
  • Feels weird to follow comicon coverage on-line without the three hour California time shift.
  • Oooh, just got new business cards for CBR. VERY pretty. . . 
  • Sad but true: I do not possess the patience for a 13 second pre-roll before watching a video. 
  • I think NYCC hurt me, physically. I’m in pain tonight. Am I really getting too old for this gig? Do I need to switch hobbies? 
  • I have aches in the neck and shoulders telling me NEVER to carry a backpack for two days at a con again.
  • Think I strained a pec muscle at NYCC. Hurts like hell when I sneeze now. Weird.

Net and Tech Stuff

  • I’ve read the backlog of Twitter messages. Hence, I declare TWITTER ZERO!
  • Ooh, just had a jump in subscriptions to the Feedburner RSS feed for Exciting! 
  • Pardon my ignorance, but: Twitter has private messages? Yeah, that seems like a good idea. . .
  • Wow, Apple’s financial report looks insanely good. Lower margins but higher profits and better sales? We have a winner! 
  • I try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I chuckle everytime @leolaporte uses “netcast.” It didn’t work. Move on.
  • No matter how bad Valleywag might get, it can’t possibly top the paparazzi crap happening on all these Hollywood shows every single night.


  • The 12 yr old daughter on Real Housewives of NYC turns out to be the voice of reason. Go figure. Can’t believe I’m overhearing this show.

  • Big Brother — How did we get to the point where Adam is in the final three and everyone competes for his loyalty?!?
  • I did laugh at the extended preview of Will Smith’s new movie tonight on Idol. The wife did not. ::sigh:: Civilians.