New DVD Releases for 29 April 2008

There are a lot of TV releases this week, but not much worth highlighting here. Let’s get to it:

  • 27 Dresses

Katharine Heigl — one of those whiney doctors on that “Anatomy” show on ABC — stars as a bride’s maid who’s never been a bride, and thus has a huge collection of those dresses.  Weird Al fans will be happy to note they chose “27” as the titular number.  Whoo-hoo!

My wife wants to see this one.  I wish the iTunes store would have it for rental in HD, but they shouldn’t for, at least, another month.  We perused the listings on iTunes over the weekend to see what was available.  There’s not much. Sad.

  • The Golden Compass

This might be the big release of the week.  It’s available in Blu-Ray, as well, of course.  There’s a 2 disc edition out there, too.

  • National Treasure 2

Or is this the big release of the week?  Nicolas Cage returned for this movie, which did a pretty good box office.

(Update: Whoops.  This is due out May 20th. I saw the Best Buy ad for it this week, but didn’t realize it was for a pre-order.  Sorry about that! )

Over in TV land: Beverly Hills 90210 hits season four, in which some very relevant modern day issues are discussed, the kids do something charitable, and there’s lots of kissing.  Maybe some drugs, too.  Oh, and sideburns.  Lots of sideburns. Joey gets a season two collection, which is when the show went completely down the crapper. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles hits volume 3, in preparation for the new movie. And the ninth season of Cheers is now available on DVD.

What are you pondering picking up?

3 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 29 April 2008

  1. Dare I say it? I enjoyed the first National Treasure so the sequel is something that I’ll be adding to my Netflix queue today.

  2. FYI Augie, National Treasure 2 is not being released until May 20th.

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