Scrubs to ABC

‘Scrubs’ is sewn up — quietly

The network’s final “Scrubs” episode airs next week, concluding its run with the network after seven seasons. But you’d never know it from watching NBC or perusing the entertainment media. At the conclusion of what was the comedy’s third-to-last episode on NBC on Thursday, viewers were simply urged to check out the show’s interactive features on The usual array of creator and cast interviews that usually accompany the final episodes of a concluding series are likewise largely absent. The super low-key exit for “Scrubs” is tied to what’s become the worst-kept secret in Hollywood: that the veteran comedy is moving to ABC. The long-pending deal for ABC to pick up 18 episodes of “Scrubs” for next season is effectively, pretty much, essentially, done.

6 thoughts on “Scrubs to ABC

  1. Well that’s good news. Hopefully it’ll finally be filmed in widescreen.

  2. Good to know that it will finally get some respect on ABC. NBC hasn’t been very kind to the show over the years.

  3. NBC hasn’t been very kind to the show all these years ? Traditionally – aside from Thursday nights – their power lineup night – NBC hasn’t had a whole lot of success with any sitcom – preferring instead to keep to the 1-hr drama’s or newsmagazine shows – and when a space opened up during their power slot – they injected SCRUBS in there as fast as possible.

    Them dumping the show after 7 years – has more to do with the increasing costs of doing an aging show. After a while – once you get past the # of episodes required for syndication – unless the show is huge – all you’re doing is adding extra meat to your syndication package, that won’t in the long run add much at all.

  4. Despite how good last week’s episode was, I think that I am not going to be following Scrubs to ABC in the fall…I’m just not as engrossed in the 22 minutes as I used to be.

  5. While I am a fan – recently the show is just not as good as it once was.

    The humour has gone from funny to farce, just doing anything over the top in order to get a laugh – and not much more. What’s also been missing – is any focus on the relationship between JD and his mentor Dr. Cox. In fact – I kind of feel that any focus on John McGinley’s Dr.Cox has for some reasons been almost absent – which is a shame – because he’s probably the most talented actor on the show ( maybe the network ).

  6. Honestly I think it has been better than it has been for a few years (it has always been pretty good mind you). They have gotten away from the majority of the seriousness, high on morals episodes. They have pulled out some unexpected things as well such as the event with a semi-regular character and the stuff that happened with Kim (deliberately keeping it free from spoilers here just in case). This is good news I feel given it was meant to wrap up this year.

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