Paramount Goes Back to Blu Ray

Site News DVD news: Paramount & Dreamworks Support Blu-ray Disc Format Again |

Less than 2 weeks after longtime HD DVD supporter Universal Studios announced their intention to support hi-def format war winner Blu-ray Disc (“BD”) for the first time, including TV-on-BD support with two season sets of NBC’s huge primetime hit show Heroes, the folks at Paramount Home Entertainment have now confirmed their own plans for getting back into the BD game. Paramount had previously been a supporter of both rival hi-def formats, but they ended their BD support last August and threw in their lot with Toshiba’s HD DVD camp. After Toshiba discontinued the format this past February, Paramount said they would return to BD support later in 2008.

How’s that for bad timing?  They gave up on the format just before it won the war, AND pissed off the TRANSFORMERS director all at the same time.  Beautiful!