AI7 – Round of 5 – Results

I’ve always maintained a certain detachment from the show.  I don’t get emotionally worked up over AMERICAN IDOL.  I stand back, analyze everything, and have the occasional short-lived rooting interests.

Brooke White wasn’t going to win the whole thing, and it’s thus immaterial whether she goes out in second place or 12th.

Yet I’m starting to get plenty pissed that not only is Jason Castro still on the series, but he’s not even in danger.  Ever.  The only thing working against him is that eventually he’ll start splitting votes with David Archuleta for “cute” and “young” singer. When that happens, the votes will side with quality and Archuleta will pull ahead and Castro will go home. But will it be at David Cook’s expense?  Or Syesha’s?

Is Jason Castro this season’s Sanjaya Malakar, donning dreadloks instead of fauxhawks?


It seems that the rumors of Paula’s drunkenness reached Idol producers, who pushed Ryan out there to — well, profess IDOL’s love for Paula.  I think he denied them, too.  I’m sticking with my theory.  Paula is easily confused and can’t handle live television. She had notes from dress rehearsal and she went to those.  No, the show is not scripted.  If it was, how could she make a mistake like that? Duh.

Otherwise, it was a fine show tonight.  Neil Diamond’s song was a little too laid back, perhaps, but I actually like the Natasha Bedingfield song and her interaction with Archuleta.  We finally had a call-in worth listening to, with Simon’s first kiss.  He remembered her, which is always good.  Lastly, the preview for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE was spectacular.  Looks like Nigel broke his right hand, though.

On the other hand, that opening Neil Diamond medley was about the most horrific thing Idol producers have ever foisted on us. Jason and Brooke can’t do choreography and are awkward to begin with.  The songs were tedious.  The staging was sad.  I would have fast-forwarded through it, but I was afraid I’d miss The One Good Part. I didn’t.

I’ll miss Brooke.  I hope Syesha survives next week, though.

Not to scare you all, but next week is the week Chris Daughtry went out.  I wonder if David Cook is freaked out by that?

Sadly, my DVR cut out in the middle of Brooke’s final song. I’m imagining she never finished the song. She was in no shape.  Sad.

7 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 5 – Results

  1. There was much frustration in the Gormley household that Castro didn’t even make it into the bottom two. I will be beyond furious (but yet at this point not stunned) if Cooke goes home and he stays.

  2. Brooke cried like a baby through her song and wanted to stop/start but the band kept playing. She finally turned her back to the audience! She’ll be okay!

  3. Jason has this look on his face lately that says “Why am I still here, this show is so cheesy and lame, Dude get me outa here”!

  4. Augie read my mind about the Chris Daughtry/David Cook. I was thinking about last night and was ready to bring it up here in the comments. It COULD just happen.

    Yesterday demonstrated exactly why I hate this part of the season in AI. Jason should be gone. We all know that. I was a fan at the start but at this point his songs all sound the same to me. Guess it’s nice to have a big fan base. I think I might just give up on the rest of the season if he survives next week.

  5. So, now the David Cook/Chris Daughtry elimination week worries begin. I said it with Daughtry and I’ll say it with Cook. If he doesn’t win, he will still be more successful than the winner of this season. Just compare Daughtry’s success to Taylor.

  6. Right, I really don’t think it matters much who actually wins. As long as whoever puts out a good album — that’s what really matters.

  7. I’ve gotten more and more bored of this damn show every year – this year, I just flip channels occasionally to see if Randy’s still trying to be hip, if Paula is still crazy and drunk off her ass – and if Simon is being undoubtedly Simon ( the real reason to watch the show ! the guy is a master ! ).

    David Cook is of course – already the winner – just end us this misery of weird theme weeks – and give it to him.

    Brooke White – was of course – not really meant for THIS competition – her ultimate audience is more MOR than AI’s – and as for her stage fright and stuff – she just needs time to get over that. Saw her on Leno last night – and she actually came off pretty good, and it’s my feeling that she’ll probably have a run at popularity off the show which may surpass some of the 4 that are left.

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