3 thoughts on “Neil Diamond vs. Hugo Weaving

  1. How can you tell them apart?

    Neil Diamond looks better. The other guy looks like a serial killer! :-)

  2. The above commenter is clearly a moron. Hugo Weaving is the most gifted actor of his generation. Neil Diamond is a recurrent embarssment from the worst trends in 1970s easy listening music, who keeps popping up in subsequent decades like some unholy wack-a-mole because he allies himself with pop cultural trends (ie E.T., American Idol, producer Rick Rubin, etc.) I’m sure you’re looking for some sort of glib one-liner, but there isn’t any sane way of comparing these two.

  3. No, it’s called my opinion and how you feel about Hugo is how some might feel about Neil. Get over it!! For the record I do like Hugo, but then again I guess this moron can’t have a sense of humor — relax, life isn’t that serious!

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