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Hot on the heels of last week’s report from ABI Research noting that many consumers may not see the picture quality difference between Blu-ray and standard DVDs comes the latest Blu-ray sales figures from NPD Group. And they’re not pretty.According to NPD, sales of Blu-ray standalone players plummeted 40 percent from January to February, then rose a scant 2 percent from February to March. The general consensus was that once Toshiba dropped its support for the HD DVD format early this year, sales would increase.

Maybe the Blu-Ray people need to speed up a cheaper Blu-Ray player.  People are used to buying sub-$100 DVD players.  They don’t want to spend 3x that for a new format.  That’s my guess.

4 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. I agree – I’ve been waiting for the prices to drop. $400-$500 is just too much to justify right now.

  2. I don’t think it’s the price. I decided that I’m not going to buy any new DVD players because it’s just too easy to download HD movies from the new rental services. Why add one more piece of hardware when I have AppleTV or OnDemand?

  3. I am sure a lot of it is also the current state of the economy. That said, player sales have risen significantly over the same time last year.

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