New DVDs for 06 May 2008

It’s a very girly week we have here:

  • P.S. I Love You

Gerard Butler plays a dead guy telling his still-living wife, Hilary Swank, to live life well without him.  Or something like that.  Sounds too weepy for me.  I don’t remember it at all, but it made over $140 million, worldwide.  Wow.

  • I’m Not There

Wow, a Bob Dylan movie?  That’s so not exciting to me at all.

  • Over Her Dead Body

Eva Langoria in a romantic comedy, playing a ghost hovering over her boyfriend or husband or something.  It didn’t take in ten million dollars, domestically.  Ouch. Yet I have this feeling that it might do well as a rental.

  • Speed Racer: The Next Generation

Wasn’t a big fan as a kid. Not terribly excited for the new movie today.  It’s lost on me.  But for those who want to see the latest remake of the series, here you have it.

  • Crossing Jordan: Season 1

I’m slightly surprised it took this long for this one to hit DVD. . .

Next week: Two telemovies of The Incredible Hulk hit store shelves, as we begin to ramp up for that movie.  SNL: Season 3.  And probably more.

3 thoughts on “New DVDs for 06 May 2008

  1. I loved Speed Racer as a kid and am very interested in checking out the new movie this weekend. By the way, did you see Iron Man this weekend Augie?

  2. So:

    Dead Gerard Butler romantic movie = hit. Dead Eva Longoria romantic movie = bomb.

  3. Josh – I did see IRON MAN this weekend. This week’s Pipeline just went live. I went into it a little bit there.

    Loren – Gerard Butler is a bigger movie star than Eva Longoria, I guess. Or, it’s the 300 halo effect.

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