Twitters of the Week, Part 2

  • @Coverville – Billy Joel Cover Story? It’s about damned time! Whoo-hoo! I’ll quibble about “cheesy” later. . .
  • Finally crossed the 200 subscriber mark with the RSS feed. Whee! I’m officially small potatoes now. (The next day, the number dropped and hasn’t been back to 200 since.  ::sigh::)
  • I haven’t used Friendster in years. Suddenly, I’m getting comments through there. The spammers are a little late to this party. 
  • Glamourpuss #1 features neither an aardvark nor a vanaheim. Discuss.
  • Saw ad for movie “Son of Rainbow.” Can we now please STOP using those jittery hand-lettered-looking fonts in EVERY movie promo? Jeez. (Was that supposed to be “Son of Rambow?”  I do not know.)
  • “500 Internal Server Error.” There, I beat you to it, @Twitter!
  • This is the icky time of year landscapers throw manure over all the dirt areas, and the smell makes walking outside nauseating for days. (Still stinks, four days later.)
  • What I learned from Hell’s Kitchen: All chefs smoke.
  • Saw IRON MAN. Loved IRON MAN. Bring on IRON MAN 2: ARMOR WARS stat!
  • Wait, I thought Hell’s Kitchen teased a possible romance in their teaser. It never happened on the show. What’s going on?
  • Microsoft quits its Yahoo takeover bid. WOW or “Nice negotiating plot, MS?”
  • Microsoft’s strategy will work – YAHOO stock will nosedive Monday morning, and MS will renew their offer at a lower price. Legal? I dunno. 
  • Re: Iron Man: Leslie Bibb. I’m a happily married man and all, but wow. She ain’t hard to look at. I want to see her spinoff movie.
  • Dear guy behind the deli counter: When I say “one third of a pound,” that’s not equal to .6 lbs. Nor is .5 == .25. Idiots.
  • Dear woman in front of me at the checkout counter: Please take your shopping cart with you. Don’t leave it sitting there in front of me.

5 thoughts on “Twitters of the Week, Part 2

  1. I saw Iron man on Saturday with my wife. We both LOVED it. Staci knew nothing about Iron Man other than a few things I told her beforehand, but she really enjoyed it. She told me that everyone at work asked her about it and she said they all have to go see it. I think word of mouth will be VERY good on this one. Especially now that Marvel has announced their future Iron Man/Avengers plans. And that after the credits scene…WOW!

  2. If you’ve been enjoying Hell’s Kitchen, you might want to read Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential.” A good read, and gave me a lot of perspective on the chefs’ world.

  3. Leslie Bibb was nice and all but I really thought that Gweneth looked awesome as Pepper Potts!

  4. Oh, yeah, Leslie Bibb is fantastic looking. Gwynneth wasn’t bad, but Leslie… mrow.

    And speaking of being happily married, congrats on the impending family addition, Augie! Shall we expect more promotional uses of the kid for your column? ;)

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