Attention Advertisers

I can be bought.

And it can be profitable to the both of us.

I’ll set the price at $1,000,000.

That’s not much these days.  That price won’t buy you many 30 second spots in prime time television.  Heck, depending on the show you’re buying ad time on, you might not get more than a minute.

I’m offering you something better:

My blog.  It’s for sale.  I’ll change the name to “[Your Company’s Name Here] Presents Various and Sundry.”  Heck, I’ll buy that as a domain name.  I’ll make you the exclusive advertiser on a blog that updates at least five days a week.

You’ll get better than a million dollars’ worth of press coverage on the deal.  What better story for the tech press to fawn over for a week or two than your company buying up a no name meaningless blog.  It’s an amazing publicity stunt that makes no sense.  It’s PERFECT internet fodder.

This blog doesn’t have a big readership.  It’s definitely under a thousand readers.  It’s probably closer to 500.  It makes so little sense for you to sponsor it that it’ll command great attention.  We can do a joint press release that’ll light up the blogosphere.  I can get on one of those crazy Revision3 video podcasts.  I’d happily be a guest on Net@Nite. TechCrunch would be all over this.  I’m available to do press with all the cable news stations.  I can blog the experience, to boot.  It’s material for me; it’s tons of publicity for you.  I’ll wear a baseball cap and a t-shirt with your company’s name on it when doing all of these shows.

I can even talk to the point that this deal will mark the end of the second web boom.

I am a friggin’ sell out.  Just go ahead and buy me now.  My e-mail address is linked to my name at the top of the right column.

Sadly, someone already beat me to

But I won’t let that stop me.  Others sell pixels for a dollar a shot.  Others promise to do outlandish things.  Some sell space for tattoos on their body, but I’m not going that far. I’m skipping all the work part.  I’m just going to do my thing and take your money, sponsor! You need something more personal?  I’m going to be a Dad this fall.  I can be a stay-at-home Dad with your million dollars.

Wait, I forgot about the taxes.  Better make it two million bucks, just to be safe.

GoldenPalace, are you reading this? Call me.  I like to play poker, too. . .

Barring all that, I’ll take a Drobo for lesser terms.

7 thoughts on “Attention Advertisers

  1. I bid $ .02 for a 3 day period of “Rob Postuma Presents…”

  2. Dude, congrats on the Dad thing, but please, don’t sell this blog!

  3. Rob – So far, you’re the high bidder. But the journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step. And you’re the first foot out!

    Ezekiel – I won’t undersell the blog. I can only promise you that. I’ll still be writing it, though. =)

  4. Augie.. you’re a dad now – be the responsible one- and sell the blog !!

    Then again – I’m taking the BIG ADULT STEP SOON – getting a place together with my girlfriend ( after 5 years we figured .. we’re probably staying together .. so why not move in together ? ) – so I need the $$$ too. Next big step after that – not feeling need to laugh at her “jokes”.

  5. Rob – My wife’s never laughed at my jokes. =(

    And the wife and I are house shopping this weekend. That’s more paperwork than marriage and having a kid are, combined. I’m scared now.

    Good luck on your real estate hunt! And, remember: Real estate agents are greedy lying bloodsuckers!

    I’m still entertaining offers on the blog. I expect a big writeup in TechCrunch soon for being the vanguard of a new Blog Boom in Web 2.0. . .

  6. Fortunately .. we weren’t looking for a house, just an apartment ( but TOGETHER !! ) .. and we found in finally, and signed the lease. It’s cozy and a busline stops right in front – so it’s awesome. It does look like I’ll have to rent storage for most of my comics collection though. It’s like bringing a 3rd person into a relationship .. with sadly no chances of an awesome 3-way.

  7. Rob – Yeah, the comics always get kicked to the curb. I have the same problem. Even when we do eventually move into a bigger place, there won’t be room for all the comics. Why am I spending this money every month to store comics? I wonder. . .

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