New DVD Releases for 13 May 2008

Here we go again:

  • American Idol: Season 6 Finale Performance Show – The Top 2

Interesting choice.  I guess putting out a disc of a two hour “event” show is the easiest way to cash in.

  • The Incredible Hulk: The Incredible Hulk Returns & The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk (New)

There’s a movie coming out soon. Didja know about that one?  It ties in with that little “Iron Man” movie that the kids seem to love these days.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Marvel come out with some ads soon that mention the tie-in between the two movies.  They have to be hoping “Hulk” drafts off “Iron Man.”

But these were two telemovies done years after the Bill Bixby series ended.  Even better, one guest starred The Mighty Thor, while the other featured Daredevil. I think Stan Lee appeared in both, too.

  • The Indiana Jones Trilogy

They’re re-releasing the original three movies again.  Why, yes, there is a sequel coming out to theaters fairly soon.  If you already bought the boxed set that came out a couple or three years ago, you don’t really need to buy this set.  There are some new extras on these discs, but you’re probably better off with that earlier boxed set.

On the other hand, this set is in the thinner cases.  If you’re looking to save an inch on your bookcase, buy this set.  (Please click through the cover image above.  Thanks!)  Or, if you’re very picky, you can buy the individual movies and not the whole set.  This way, you can skip “Temple of Doom,” if you’re a hater.

Best Buy is giving out free “Indiana Jones” comic books with the DVDs, though I don’t know what material they’re using for it.  Likely, it’s some Dark Horse comic material.

  • The Great Debaters

Features Forest Whitaker (who’s always watchable) and Denzel Washington (who Oprah and all the ladies love).  It’s a 1930s period piece set in Texas. It’s a Civil Rights tale, a debating championship tale, a union tale.

  • Untraceable

Diane Lane stars in something whose trailer looked good, but the movie probably stunk.  I don’t know.  Did anyone see it?

“Untraceable fuses Saw with The Net in a perverse yet moralistic story about a psychopath who broadcasts acts of torture over the internet–all to better reveal the twisted underbelly of the American public, who hasten the victims’ deaths simply by looking at the website.”

Could be horribly crappy and stereotypical.  Could be one of those Hollywood constructs where tech can do ANYTHING.  Or it could be a serious and interesting investigation of the dangers of the internet and how we can learn to protect ourselves and our privacy.  Likely, it’s one of the first two.  Maybe both.

Next Week: That special edition of 24’s first season is out, and more of THE MUPPET SHOW. Yay!