AI7 – Round of 3 – Three Songs

It’s the annual three songs per contestant round — judges’ choice, contestant’s choice, producer’s choice.  Once again, there are some odd choices foisted upon the contestants (via conspicuous iPhones), who then give themselves some rather odd song selections.

Anything I type here is likely to agree with something the judges said tonight.  And given that I’m dragging already this evening, I’m not going to stay up late typing it all out.  I’ll just say this: If I were Archuleta or Mercado, I’d be ticked off that the producers gave Cook that song to close the show while handing me such drivel.

It was a foregone conclusion going into this night — Syesha was going home this week. The judges stuck by that play book, too.

It’s the Battle of the Davids next week: The youth with the voting bloc versus the slightly creepy-looking guy who’s too good for Idol.  He should be on a pro-level competition like ROCK STAR: INXS, where he could be judged by creepier looking guys with lots of tattoos.

What did you think?  What song stood out to you?  I’ll give a nod to David Archuleta for “And So It Goes.”  It was a disastrous song in the second season, but worked very very well for David in this season, I thought.

2 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 3 – Three Songs

  1. I thought Randy’s tap dance to make sure that both the Davids made it while still praising David Archuleta more was amusing and annoying at the same time.

    It’s also hard to hear David A. sing “And so it Goes” when he has absolutely no idea what he’s actually singing. :)

    David C. is much less creepy looking now that he fixed the hair. :)

  2. Heh, I agree with you completely on Cook. In fact, as we watched his “Journey” package tonight, I finally figured out why he wasn’t looking like as big a pedophile as he did in the first few weeks — the hair is fixed!

    Speaking of which, I need a haircut this weekend. Thanks for the reminder.

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