Twitter Recap (Part 2 of 2)

More Twittering from last week

  • Dear Dateline: NBC: You’re using the wrong crossbar-laden “I” in “book” 
  • It’s odd to watch Dateline: NBC and see people spotlighted on there that you’ve met. . . 
  • Men in Michigan enjoy their small moustaches, don’t they?
  • Still don’t know what to think of Michael George. Probably did it, but the prosecution’s case seems very weak. Too much reliance on memories
  • I long for a day when DVD extras and TV news pieces about a comic book related issue aren’t explained in a Comicraft font.
  • What to watch tonight: Spider-Man 3, V for Vendetta, or 300?
  • Watched 300. Enjoyed it. Wish I could find what I did with the darn hardcover collection of it.
  • Final movie recommendation talley: V got 3 votes. Spider-Man 3 got none. So I watched 300. Go figure.
  • Despite the Greek Chorus of negativity, I WILL watch Spider-Man 3 on DVD this year.
  • My new mission: Watch all unwatched comic-based movies I own on DVD /before/ the baby arrives in 20 weeks. 
  • My blog is so pathetic that I now owe Amazon money for the Affiliates program for the month.
  • Hmm, did the Carl Barks hardcover Duck collection, Volume 1, just disappear from Amazon? Yes, I believe it did. The Rosa book is still up.
  • @Nogs – Comic Sans is the anti-Christ.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Recap (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Augie, I’ve been watching the Barks volume for a while, this is actually the second time (that I know of ) it’s disappeared. The listing appeared around the 29 of March, went away on around the 19th, came back around the 6th (I ordered it then) and now it’s gone again. Meanwhile the listing on’s webside has never left.

  2. Spider-Man 3 isn’t as bad as people were making it out out to be. It’s not one for the ages, but it’s not utter crap. Adjust your expectations accordingly, and it’s a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

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