AI7 – Round of 3 – Results

Well, that went as everyone and their mother predicted, didn’t it?  I think even Syesha (and her mother) would have predicted the Battle of the Davids for the finale.

Really, the most entertaining part of the evening was whatever the hell that thing Fantasia was doing on stage was.  I swear to you that Simon’s reaction shot mirrored mine almost exactly.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more odd, surreal, or over-the-top, she’d start rolling her shoulders, hunching her back, and kicking a leg.  It was utterly bizarre, and the Must See moment of the week for television.  I usually fast forward through the live acts, but this one was son crazy, I had to watch it (and Simon’s confused response to it.)

So, who wins next week?  The story of the underdog little kid?  Or the older rocker?  I think Cook should win, but I get the feeling Archuleta has the votes and will take it, making Cook the second most successful second place finisher of all time, right after Clay Aiken.

Really, did you see that Fantasia number?  Look it up on YouTube.  It’s phenomenal in its awfulness.  The three backup singers in the mini-dresses lend the whole thing an odd Robert Plant feel, to boot.  Wow.

Update: Here’s Fantasia’s performance.

4 thoughts on “AI7 – Round of 3 – Results

  1. We were all watching Fantasia’s performance and when it was done, we all had the, “what the heck was that” looks on out faces. And Simon’s reaction was priceless! I think David Cook has this one in the bag. If for some reason he doesn’t win, he will be more successful than Archuleta.

  2. Simon’s reaction to Fantasia was the highlight of the show.

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