Wii Game Available Now

It’s a been a busy spring of releases for the Wii, and it’ll only get worse with the Wii Fit next week.

But available right this very instant:

DECA SPORTS!  One disc, ten games.  What other console gives you curling game, for goodness’ sake?!?  Has anyone picked this up yet?  What didja think?

2 thoughts on “Wii Game Available Now

  1. I’m actually really excited about the curling game. Is that deeply wrong?

    My poor wife. She was happy when curling season was over…now I’m going to buy a curling video game….

  2. I just think the Wii controls are a natural fit for curling. Plus, CURLING! What other console would have the guts to put out a curling game in the USA? (And, I presume, Canada.)

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