The Week In Twitter, Part One

More random postings compiled from my Twitterisms. . .This is in chronological order, starting last Sunday night: I’ve got a mountain of work ahead of me tonight. It’s already 10:00 p.m. I’m screwed. (Updates to the original posting come afterwards in italics.)

  • Finished Pipeline (late, but done), posted three more reviews to CBR Reviews, folded laundry, ironed for tomorrow, and ate a snack. I AM MAN
  • A day without Twitter is like — well, yesterday for me, actually. (Seriously, I was really that busy.  Never had the chance to check messages last Tuesday.)
  • Well, that was annoying: I ran out of Skype credit in the middle of recording a podcast. That’s also a first. (And now, five days later, the podcast is still not showing up on iTunes.  I’m getting annoyed.)
  • Oh, man, did the Bachelor ever pick the wrong girl. . . Idiot.
  • @gordontheintern – There’s no reasoning on this one. He did pick the fakest woman in the group. Her every move was an act from a script.
  • @henchman21 – You may be the first to ever accuse me of having a life. Or this is the first time it’s true. One or the other.
  • Yay, my Amazon Associates points for the month are back above $0! Special thanks to whoever just bought the Indiana Jones DVDs. Enjoy them! (The new movie is out this weekend.  I must see that in the theaters. It would be the only Indy movie I saw in the theaters, I believe.)
  • Real estate is a very tiring game.   (And the further along in the game you get, the more headaches it can cause. It’s always fun when your lawyer and your realtor don’t agree on much.)
  • I am so behind on e-mail now that I don’t even know where to start. Or where I left off.
  • Am determined to play Wii tonight. Maybe even WiiWare.
  • I had an iFanboy moment this week — my #1 pick of the week, despite being on the release list, didn’t actually ship. Whoopsie. Thanks all! (Darn your, Starman Omnibus!)

More to come tomorrow. . .