5 thoughts on “Coming up in just 19 weeks (give or take). . .

  1. Congratulations! Having a baby is the greatest thing in the world! I’m the father of two girls, and spending time with them is the highlight of my day! Best of luck!

  2. Ah, a girl! I’ve got one of each. When I first had the girl, I wasn’t sure how I was going to relate. It turns out her sense of humor is closer to mine than my son’s, and we have a grand time!

    She plays with my hero action figures, and I have an excuse to rewatch Cinderella.

    All’s good! Congrats!

  3. Cris – Come to think of it, I announced it at Pipeline, but never did here on my own damned blog. Oops, “Darned.” I’m going to be a Daddy soon. I have to clean up my act. But thanks!

    Tyler – I know. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed. =) Congratulations on the impending bundle of messy diapers and screaming nights. I’ll let you do Research and Development on this baby thing for me. Please keep reporting on what I have to expect on your blog. It’ll be a big help. ;-)

    George – Yup, and she’s going to be the girliest girl of all. I have tubs full of pink things already. My eyes are rose-tinted now officially. Don’t worry — I’ll raise her right to enjoy Archie Comics, then Spider-Man and Power Pack and whoever else I can force down her throat. ;-)

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