This Week In Twitter, Part Two

And so now we conclude this week’s look at the past week’s Twitters:

  • Bought the Pop game from WiiWare last night. Might have been a waste of money. I’ll give it another couple of chances, though, so we’ll see. (Yeah, I think this game is a dud.  Might try that new space shooter game tonight, though.)
  • @hotdogsladies – Thanks for the ComicBookResources mention on MBW. Also, best thing about ComicBookLover: Turn your MacBook on its side!
  • Hunh, so it appears the horsies raced again today. Did not know that. No horses were killed in the making of THIS spectacle, at least.
  • @eliopoulos – I love the new iFanboy graphic you did. Very cute! Nice job.
  • Wishing there was a lighter weight way to scan things than loading up friggin’ Photoshop. I need Elements, maybe. . . 
  • Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance this Thursday? I might be burnt out on Idol just a tad.
  • Ohmigod, Danny Noriega has a Stickam profile and, one presumes, occasional live feed. I’m scared.
  • Danny’s solo on last season’s So You Think You Can Dance finale is the most ridiculously insanely good bit of leaping and spinning ever. Wow
  • Am thinking about dropping Google Ad Words from the blog. Nobody clicks on them. It takes a year and a half to earn enough to get a check.
  • Score! Tonight’s laundry yielded $6. Of course, that $6 probably came out of one of MY pockets . . .
  • Thinking about our impending move this summer — just how many bookcases do I need to properly display and store all these graphic novels???
  • How in the world can we have two Chris Eliopouli in comics? That’s insane!