AI7 – The Grand Finale

So, that ends that.

Here’s my funny story: The Mrs. and I are in the midst of buying a house. Tonight, we had an appointment with our mortgage guy to complete all the paperwork. We also had some paperwork to settle regarding the sale of Home A and purchase of Home B.  And we had to eat dinner.  And then we needed to research something else related to the mortgage.  And then there was some internal debate about how to handle certain things.

At 10:15, we turned on the DVR and started watching AMERICAN IDOL.  Five minutes in, my wife was falling asleep, so we fast forwarded straight to the last five minutes to see who won.  (Long-time blog readers probably already know what’s coming up next.)

There’s Ryan on stage with the two Davids.  There’s Simon apologizing to Cook for being a mean rotten bastiche last night.  There’s a guy handing Ryan the golden envelope with the results, taking up screen time for no good reason.

Then Ryan delivers the news: “The winner of American Idol.  2008.  Is…”

Click.  10:00 p.m.  End of recording.

I saw it coming a mile away. I’m not mad at IDOL.  This happens EVERY week. It’s happened on every finale.  I just forgot to program the DVR to record over by five minutes this year.

So I went to and read the news that Cook won.  As it turns out, the momentum of Archie didn’t matter.  People had already made up their minds for who they planned to vote for BEFORE Tuesday night’s episode.

Tomorrow night, I’ll watch the rest of the two hours and pick on the least talented group of dancers in IDOL history.

But, wow, 97 million votes, was it?  That’s lunacy.  And a 56/44 split ain’t bad. As for those lost last five minutes of video: Not a problem.  The world has BitTorrent.  I’m surprised the episode isn’t available yet as I type this at 10:51.  Those two hours are taking someone’s computer forever to digitize. . . Ooh, but SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE begins tomorrow night, too!  Maybe I’ll catch IDOL over the weekend.  Was that really George Michael in the Prince Surprise Guest Slot in the show?  Fascinating.  If and when I watch the rest, I’ll try to post some comments here.  In the meantime, thanks for joining me again on this wild ride this year.

4 thoughts on “AI7 – The Grand Finale

  1. I’ve got that beat, unfortunately! I heard “The winner of American Idol… 2008… is… David…” then the DVR cut off! Arg. I feel your pain.

  2. It’s possible that the tide was enforced by people like me and my family. I’ve never voted once on a prior episode or season, but damn if I was let Archie win because he was technically a better singer. Cook deserved to win because he’s more rounded and more marketable.

    Archie can go off and sing duets with Miley and become a Mickey Mouse star.

  3. My DirecTivo cut out at the exact same moment — I laughed out loud. I did plan ahead though and had set the following program to record, so I did get to see the ending. I’m definitely glad the season is over. Maybe now I’ll have time to catch up on some comics.

  4. Watching the end of it, I got some redemption after I saw the Lakers come back against my team when they were up by 20. I thought it was a big shock especially after hearing the 56% to 44% differential. I thought for sure the kid had one…and actually yelled out loud when Seacrest said “COOK”….

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