This is the very definition of wrong

I don’t usually get concerned or upset with Hollywood’s habit of remaking classic movies into modern crap.  The original movie is still there, and nothing can take away from that.

Still, I have to angst at this news:

Additional films seeing cash from this deal include a biographical look at Virgin mogul Richard Branson, as well as a remake of John Woo’s classic action flick Hard Boiled.

No, you do not mess with Hard Boiled.  You do not.  There’s no need.  They got that one perfect the first time out. It’s pure magic.  I don’t want to see the modern day CGI version of it with bullet time and video game editing. Ick.  Kids today should be forced to watch the original, instead.

There’s also news in that story that they’re making a Pac-Man movie.  That doesn’t disturb me as much as a remake of Hard Boiled.

2 thoughts on “This is the very definition of wrong

  1. The film recycling seems to be spinning in tighter and tighter circles. I can’t wait for the There will be Blood “reimagining” in a couple years.

  2. I would hardly call “Hard Boiled” a classic, I’ll save that term for the “Citizen kane”s and “Godfather”s out there. And it’s more known for it’s action and special effects sequences – which already seeped into North American films AGES ago – than it’s storyline.. so adapting it for North American audiences does not seem so sacriledge to me. And sometimes these remakes end up being a totally different animal in itself – and still be great. Witness “Reservoir Dogs” compared to the original “City on Fire” – or the UK version of “The Office” compared to the US ( in later years ).

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