New DVD Releases for 27 May 2008

Soft week.  Slow week. Not much to talk about.

It’s a week, after all, whose big release is friggin’ RAMBO.

  • Rambo

That’s how bad it is this week, folks.  Interestingly enough, the DVD comes with a free digital copy on it.  Or, you can buy the Blu Ray edition.

  • Cleaner

Samuel L. Jackson and Ed Harris star in some kind of cop movie I’ve never heard of. Eva Mendes provides eye candy.

  • Holocaust

Uplifting title, eh?  Stars Meryl Streep, James Woods, and Michael Moriarty. It’s actually a TV mini-series from 1978.  Ian Holm (one of those Hobbit folks) is even in it.

Next week: Lots of Incredible Hulk TV episodes.

2 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 27 May 2008

  1. RAMBO is going on the Netflix queue for viewing when the wife and kids are in Japan in a couple of weeks.

  2. I was recommending Rambo to EVERYONE at work and all my friends after I saw it. That movie, as bad as it is, has the greatest violence I have ever seen in a movie since the 80’s. It’s one of those “leave your brain at the door” movies. Just watch the action and don’t pay attention to anything else.

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