Twitter Is Annoying

We all love Twitter.  We all want to burn Twitter to the ground.  It’s been a few days since I could access Page 2 of my Twitter messages.  Needless to say, this means I barely follow the people I think I’m following.  It also means I can’t access Page 2 of the Twitter messages I’ve posted.

So, uhm, here are a few Twitter posts from the past three days that I can access:

  • Dear Amazon – I’d use more of your banner ads if you had one that WASN’T animated. UGH (I signed up for Project Wonderful. Don’t think that’ll be much better, but we’ll see.)
  • Holy crap! Wizard World Philly is happening next weekend. Did anyone know? Did anyone care? (It starts in three days.  Still, I haven’t read anything about it.  Sad.)
  • Organizing comics. (Now reading all the cool stuff I found that I have.)
  • Went to the zoo. 260+ pics to process. Got through them pretty fast. Uploading family pics now. Will upload animal pics to Flickr later. (See this blog throughout the week!)
  • And went baby furniture shopping and bedroom furniture shopping today. Didn’t like anything. Not a good start.
  • I’ve never played Guitar Hero sitting down.
  • This week’s Pipeline: Yes, comics are too expensive. I agree with you. And more.
  • Side street here is lined with fire engines, boats, etc. for the parade. I’m such a boy — I keep staring out at them. Next year: Pictures!
  • Two Memorial Day BBQs today. 400 pictures. Probably 30 good ones. Gotta love photography! I know I love digital!
  • Tonight’s annoyance: Ironing half a shirt before realizing it’s inside-out. Whoops.