2 thoughts on “Ladies, Start Your Engines

  1. Tempting, very tempting, but given the choice of recently-singled guys (and, it goes without saying, if I myself were single) I think I’ll still go with Macca.

  2. One of my friends, Christine, is a stunningly beautiful woman. She’s blond, blue eyed, slender but not bony-gross and huge boobs. I met her online years ago – and when she described herself one day, I was just like- ok, sure you are – just like every other internet chick. Finally met her when she got a job working at my company – and she was even BETTER LOOKING then she described.

    Anyways- a couple of years ago- when Clooney was shooting that Chuck Barris faux biopic here in Montreal – he had apparently put out a “search” for suitable “companions” while in town ( a boy gets lonely eh ? ). Anyways – she had apparently been spotted somehow ( possibly through some small-time modelling work she had done ) – and she got contacted that Mr.Clooney was extremely interested in meeting her for lunch or whatever. At the time, she was in a committed relationship, so she said no — but even her boyfriend at the time said “ARE YOU CRAZY ??? IT’S GEORGE CLOONEY !!! “. She didn’t though.

    Eventually, taht relationship went south ( go figure ) – and now of course- she occasionally curses herself out :)

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