Windows 7 – The Madness Begins

Let’s face it: The most exciting part about Gates and Ballmer previewing Windows 7 this week (screen shots) is the inevitable Feature Drop countdown.  Remember all the cool things about Windows Vista that never made the final release? We can restart that cycle now with Windows 7.

Oh, look, it’s already begun!

One thought on “Windows 7 – The Madness Begins

  1. As an IT guy who deals with Windows as a major part of my job, I am excited about the prospects of Windows 7. We decided here that we are going to skip Vista completely. In fact, i just bought a new PC and yanked Vista right off and put XP Pro on it. After tinkering with Server 2008 and hearing that Windows 7 will be a further refinement on that kernel, I am quite pleased. Granted, what is said and what ends up in the final product will be different, but as long as they don’t go too far off track, they may redeem the Windows name some.

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