The old portion control trick

Edy’s Ice Cream is trying to pull the typical fast one now.  I love their sugar free ice cream.  It’s the brand I’ve always endorsed.  Or, at least, I would endorse it here on this blog officially if they wanted to sponsor it.  (And, again, I’ll still entertain buy-out offers for this blog.  The $2 million price tag is negotiable, people!  Meantime, Project Wonderful ads can be had for pennies a day.)

In any case, I noticed the container I picked up at the store this past week was shorter than usual.  Sure enough, they’ve knocked a quarter of quart out of their package, but still charge the same price. This is nothing new, by a long shot.  Companies do this all the time, and sometimes people notice and protest and the companies change their packaging back.  (I think it was a tampon company that got in trouble for this once, years back, and eventually relented.)

It just stinks when it happens to you, you know?  Pardon me while I grouse a little, but then spoon more delicious chocolate chip mint into my mouth. . .

Updated: I see The Consumerist picked up on this, too.


One Response to “The old portion control trick”

  1. Rob B
    2. June 2008 at 11:42

    They tried to sneak it in with all new color schemes for their ice creams packages, thinking nobody would notice. A few months or maybe even a year ago, Edy’s reduced many of their containers from a half-gallon to 1.75 quarts, to what is now a 1.5 gallon.