New DVD Releases for 03 June 2008

Here we go again:

  • The Incredible Hulk: Season 3
  • The Incredible Hulk: Season 4

Yup, there’s a movie coming.

  • Rescue Me, Season 4

I hear a lot of people are into this show. I’m still tapping my toe and waiting for friggin’ THE SHIELD to return to FX.  Driving me nuts, they are.

  • Semi-Pro

Some people think Will Ferrell is funny.  I am not in that group of people.  Considering that this movie only pulled in $34 million domestically, I might be starting to win the day on that one.  On the other hand, it was likely a fairly cheap movie to make and was released in February.  I’m sure the execs are happy with it and that it made a great profit.  The movie studios will still love Ferrell.  Ah, well.

The movie is available in a standard single disc edition, two disc unrated edition, and Blu-Ray.

  • The Eye

Looks like a horror movie.  Looks like Jessica Alba is in it.

  • Meet the Spartans

This is the prerequisite spoof movie.  Such movies used to be clever and funny.  Now, they seem to be cookie-cutter.  Like “Semi-Pro,” you have a single disc edition, an unrated edition (pictured above) and the BluRay.

  • The Onion Movie

Great website.  Does it translate well to a movie? Anyone care to share?

Next week: TekWar!  Awww, yeaahhhh!  I hope “Time Traxx” pops up on DVD next.