Twitter Around the Clock

Twitter has been relatively stable for the greater part of the last week.  Cross your fingers.  Here are some posts from there:

  • Watching most recent Meat Loaf concert DVD. Formulating thoughts. Blog post to come in the next week on it. (Almost finished now.  Thoughts conflict as the concert carries on.)
  • Jakob Dylan has a solo album coming soon to iTunes. Let’s see how different it is from The Wallflowers. They had some great stuff. (It’ll also be available on CD, fret not.)
  • @Ihnatko – Comparing X-Men continuity to a Lynch movie is UNDERSTATING the issue. That said, I am looking forward to an ASTONISHING HC Vol 2
  • Today’s Amazon package: Asterix and Giffen-era JLI HC vol 1. This is a VERY good day, indeed.
  • Soda should only be consumed from plastic containers. Aluminum canned soda tastes just like aluminum. 

  • @BrianDenham – I don’t know that I’ve EVER seen Pepsi in a glass bottle. I’ve seen Coke done that way, though. But I’m a Pepsi guy
  • Ah, Twitter Page 2 – it’s nice to have you back. 
  • Watched two minutes of, but now I’ll wait to listen to the whole thing in the car tomorrow. Like the video, though.Good quality
  • With the weather now reaching 80 degrees, the G5 Mac Tower of mine does nothing but race its fans the entire time it’s on. Sad, really.
  • CPU A and CPU B are at the same temperature, but CPU A fan runs almost continuously at 3x the speed. Is there any hack to fix this? Anyone? (Still searching for hacks or fixes on this one, actually.)
  • How much longer before a 2 liter bottle of soda contains 1.75 liters for the same price? 

To be continued tomorrow. . .

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  1. Hey – I got the JLI Vol. 1 HC from Amazon last week too! My box also included the Hellboy Vol. 1 Library Edition.

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