Last Twitters for the Week

Only a day late with these.  Sorry!

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  • Credit card company charged me a $13 fee for being short $8 on my last credit card payment. I just abused the ALL-CAPS button in my response
  • Credit Card company websites are made to be confusing on purpose right? I never have any idea which number I’m supposed to pay.
  • Good news — the credit card company refunded the silly $13 fee. Sometimes, acting like a self-righteous douchebag can save you a few bucks.
  • UGH, Amazon is saying my STARMAN OMNIBUS won’t ship for two more weeks. That’s the problem with pre-ordering comics through them. . .
  • Downloading new Weezer album now through Amazon. I love 2008.
  • Secret Invasion is like a Mamet movie – lotsa stuff happens, but I know better than to believe ANY of it. Besides, it’s comics. Nobody dies!
  • Another day, another four reviews posted to the CBR Reviews section.
  • Attempting to parse the language of the Homeowners Association By-Laws for where I might be moving in about six weeks. My mind will explode
  • I want to learn Ruby Cocoa and program iPhone apps in it. I have no idea if that’s possible or when I would learn it or what I would program

3 thoughts on “Last Twitters for the Week

  1. Bought the STARMAN OMNIBUS last week at my favorite comic pimp’s store. I am a trade whore- and do have all the Starman’s already in tpb form.. but this ended up really nice. Packing 17 issues – and perfectly bound in a fully designed cover ( and not just a dustjacket with the “cover” – it’s actually on the surface of the cover itself drool ) – on nice thick paper – it’s lovely. And not too bad at less than $ 50. While it would have been really nice to see an Absolute Edition of this – the $ 100 pricetag would have been ridiculous. Much better deal than those rip-off DC Archive editions – which are nothing more than a money-grab from the uber-geeks who don’t have anything better to spend their $$$ on. Not as great a deal as those Marvel Omnibuses ( such as the recent Captain AMerica one ) – which pack in several more issues of content – and havethe pages blown up to almost Absolute size ( and are usually less than $ 60 on Amazon – after special reductions ).

  2. I bought my Starman Omnibus from Amazon, and it just shipped yesterday. If the tracking is accurate, I should have it tomorrow or Tuesday.

  3. Will – Mine shipped today, too! Should have it by the end of the week. WHOO-HOO!

    Rob – Thanks for the quality report. I was worried they’d print on substandard paper. Glad to hear it’s not the case. Can’t wait. . .

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