Hey, Steve, You Forgot Something

“Snow Leopard.”

Near the beginning of today’s Stevenote, Jobs said he was going to talk about the iPhone and then bring someone on to talk about “Snow Leopard,” the next OS X version.  After all the excitement of the iPhone, he said good-bye and walked off stage.  If I had to guess, I’d say the demos all ran so extravagantly long that Jobs cut the Stevenote off before everyone at Moscone’s bladders burst.

The funny thing is, I didn’t see anyone in the blogosphere pick up on the lost plot thread for the next few hours.  For those of us who’ll likely never have an iPhone, the news of a new OS X is very much more exciting.  Instead, all we got was a parade of app demos that ranged from “not for me” to “nice proof of technology.”

I hope that by now, someone’s pointed it out somewhere on the blogosphere.  ::sigh::

I’m guessing there’ll be a presentation on it at some point in this week’s conferences.

Update: John Gruber answers the question. And it means answers should be available by now.  I must go looking for them!