Jon and Kate, Meet Shark

This week, Jon traveled to California to get a hair transplant.  Jon and Kate Plus Eight has officially Jumped the Shark.  It’s not about the cute family in Pennsylvania trying to live life with the pressure of eight kids.  It’s now about the celebrity.  I guess it’s inevitable with any reality show, should it last long enough.

2 thoughts on “Jon and Kate, Meet Shark

  1. I actually quite enjoyed the episode. It was nice to see an episode focused more on John and Kate. It certainly reaffirmed my thought that if i start to go bald, I am just going to shave my head. Way too much work and pain.

  2. Give the guy a break! Hes a good father who always puts his kids first.So he did something to make him feel better about himself. It can only make him a better Father. He still a young guy even though he has eight kids.

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