Tuesday Link Dump

  • Delicious seems to be hurting a bit. Their sale to Yahoo has resulted in not much. They’re still reworking the architecture. Sounds a little like Twitter, but without the downtime. I’ve used Delicious in the past, but not much. I don’t have all that much use for it. Eh.
  • New Looney Tunes Volume 6 news? “Russian Rhapsody” and “Much Ado About Nutting” make this a very exciting boxed set already. Looks like we’ll get more shorts than usual, too.
  • Funniest Firefox Plug-In Ever: AmIOnMySpace? It warns you that you’ve landed on a MySpace page and should go running for you life. “You appear to have navigated to a page on Internet cesspit MySpace.com. . .”
  • Apple TV Junkie looks to be a very important site for those of us with Apple TVs who are looking to keep track of the weekly rental releases, 99 cent specials, etc.