My Face, An Update

It was a mere 12 days ago that I smacked head first into a brick wall at top speed. The body is a remarkable thing. I’m just about fully healed up.  There’s a slight pinkness next to my eye where the new skin had to form, but I’m otherwise spotless again. Even the scrape on my knee is just finishing its healing process.  The bump on my head and all the abrasions on my face are gone.

I want to thank the makers of Neosporin, too. I’m sorry to say, I never took a pic when it was at its worst last Monday, complete with swelling and the black eye. You didn’t miss too much. I wore a band-aid on my face to work for a week while it healed, but now it’s like nothing ever happened.

And from now on, my niece and I play only indoors while sitting still.