The Thursday Link Dump

  • Fascinating videos of people getting punched in the face at insane frame rates. I think it’s 1000 frames per second. I love the one with water coming off the face in the shape of the woman’s head before her head moves.  Very cool stuff.
  • Coolest home safety product ever: it’s a light that simulates the lights a TV gives off.  Shine it out your window and thieves will think there’s someone awake in the house.
  • This is depressing.  People think Blu Ray movies only look good if the intentional grain is removed from it.  First, we had to deal with the people who thought they lost image when a movie appeared widescreen.  Now, people expect everything to look shiny.  UGH UGH UGH

This link dump was created a week or two ago and never published.  Whoops.  I think it’s only the last story that suffers slightly for it.

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