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As always, updates to the Tweets of the last week are in italics at the end. If you want to follow me on Twitter, my account there is “AugieDB.”

  • Let’s see, the Stevenote tomorrow comes smack in the middle of my lunch hour. So — take lunch later? Or earlier? Or not at all? heh heh (I wound up taking lunch in the middle, once the demos started.   I got back an hour later and Steve was still on the stage.  Crazy.)
  • Uh oh. The Wacom tablet is acting up tonight. Might be time for a new stylus. Drat and bother!   (The stylus is now useless.  Visited the Apple Store closest to me at work.  They’re not selling them anymore.  Argh.)
  • I prefer Townhouse Crackers to Ritz. How about you? 
  • The art to a good marriage is learning how to roll your eyes while you blink so she doesn’t notice. ;-)
  • Still haven’t upgraded to Leopard on my two computers. Someday. . . (I don’t think I ever will on my Power PC PowerMac.  But the MacBook is Intel-based and will be converted.)
  • It’s weird when someone you haven’t seen or talked to since eighth grade friends you on Facebook. Then you get lost spanning their friends.
  • Speaking of blessed events: I felt my baby kick for the first time tonight. Awwwww…. (That was June 9th.  She hasn’t stopped yet. My poor wife.)
  • Valiantly proudly trumpets a new ARCHER AND ARMSTRONG collection and NEVER mentions Barry Windsor-Smith. Now THAT is silly.
  • Just accidentally typed “Zune” instead of “Zuda.” Freudian typo?
  • @mattfraction – Giambi with moustache reminds me of Michael George. Wish I could find good comparison pictures to prove it, though.
  • Starman Omnibus arrived today. So pretty. (That was June 11th.  It’s still pretty, and I’ve begun reading it.)
  • Just once, I’d like to do something just for fun and without a deadline or time constraints pressuring me. Is that so much to ask?

5 thoughts on “Twitter Some More

  1. Eating lunch at your desk is not an option? I wouldn’t know where else to eat.

  2. Townhouse crackers are better, but even better yet are Lance’s Captain’s Wafers. They’re like if you combined a saltine with a Townhouse.

  3. Hey Aug-meant to ask you about the Starman Omnibus, how sweet is it? Was looking to grab a copy for myself…

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