Women’s Gymnastics

Things I learned from watching the Olympic try-outs on NBC this weekend:

  • It’s most likely wrong to laugh at someone who lands on her butt, her face, or with a dive forward roll after a bad vault.  But I did it, anyway.

  • It’s now OK to say, “That’s a tenth of a point” after anyone says or does something wrong around the house. I think it might be the new “nuke the fridge.”

  • “My name is Ms. Liuken, if you’re Nastia.”  Janet Jackson must be proud.

  • Bela Karoly is completely indecipherable.  They should really put up subtitles when he speaks.  Poor Bob Costas didn’t know what to do with him.

  • Did Al Trautwig ever appear on camera?

  • It’s OK to admit you’re not good enough.  2012 is a looong time away.  To those who finished worst than 10th place, I say, “Go to college.  Learn a skill.  Live life.  There’s more outside the gym than just a parking lot and your parents. You needn’t miss your prom.”