New DVD Releases for 01 July 2008

New month, new movies.

And, honestly, I can’t get excited about any of them.

So, instead, I present to you this:

Rock out. Yeah, it’s mostly Aerosmith songs, but any new Guitar Hero songs are good Guitar Hero songs at this point.

3 thoughts on “New DVD Releases for 01 July 2008

  1. The sales on this one will be interesting – it seems the target demo for Guitar Hero and Aerosmith have a gap of about 10 years.

  2. Isn’t the average gamer roughly 28 years old? That’s not too far out of the GH demographic (I’m 37 and have all of the GHs as well as Rock Band, but then again I’m a ginormous pre-1987 Aerosmith fan).

  3. Almost 4/5ths of this thing is Aerosmith songs. Granted, it’s called Guitar Hero Aerosmith, but c’mon, they’re not THAT great!

    I was expecting a nice 2/5ths being Aerosmith. That would have been my sweet spot. As it is, it’s a “no-buy”.

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