Wednesday Link Dump

“So, to be clear, when dancers enter the Tra La La zone, they have achieved something greater than landing a spot on the Hot Tamale Train, the gold standard Murphy established last season when a fiery jive performance prompted her to issue first-class tickets on the “hot tamale train” for the couple, confusing everyone around her, including executive producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe.”
  • The most exciting golf simulator coming for the Wii looks to be CustomPlay Golf.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Link Dump

  1. Color photos of Mark Twain? Wow! These pics are the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for linking, Augie.

  2. Love the Mark Twain pictures. I visited his office and grave in Elmyra, NY, 10 years ago. The neat thing about the grave is that the height of it is a “mark twain,” or the name for the distance that the riverboaters on the Mississippi would yell out and where Samuel Clemens got his pen name.

    As for the remake of The Prisoner, I’m excited, yet wary about it. I always thought the best actor to play No. 6, if they ever made a movie, would be Russell Crow. He has the same intensity and barely restrained rage that I think would be perfect for No. 6. Ian McKellen as No. 2 will be cool. Will he be the only one?

  3. Cousar – Yeah, it tickled me, too. You’re welcome. We all have these pictures in our mind of Twain. They’re most of him slightly younger and more cartoony. White suit, bushy moustache. But, now, you see him as a real person. It’s fabulous.

    Will – I learned what “Mark Twain” meant from a Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge comic book. You just never know where you’re going to find this stuff out sometimes. . .

    Crow would work well. But I bet he doesn’t do TV. . . Don’t know if there will be multiple #2s, though I kind of doubt it. But we’ll see. . .

  4. I learned the meaning of “Mark Twain” from an episode of Bonanza.

  5. I believe Jim Caviezel has already been cast as #6.
    Saw the Cookie Monster vs Colbert a few days ago. Classic. Reminds me of all those “Hellboy meets” clips going around nbc right now.

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