Thursday Link Dump

  • Greatest alarm clock ever: Every time you don’t wake up, it calls a random number on your cell phone.  Wake up by ticking off your friends!
  • I never thought a show like “Wipeout” would make it to air in America, just for litigious reasons. It’s way too easy a show for a contestant to get hurt on and sue for big damages.  Why risk it?  Why not just do a trivia show?  There’s a fifty page release form contestants have to sign, and special mud to make their landings soft.

Yes, this one is short.  Time for a long weekend. I’ll see you back here on Monday, for sure.  But you never know — if something strikes my fancy, I might pop up over the weekend.

One thought on “Thursday Link Dump

  1. Love the Hellboy commercial. The one they showed on NBC featuring Chuck also was pretty funny.

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