Let us now beat up on Microsoft

Oh no he didn’t: Microsoft man dubs Wii a novelty – Nintendo Wii Fanboy

[A Microsoft executive] compared Wii buyers to “the same people that buy a karaoke machine,” and suggested that the console was simply “something [to] break out when people come over, and it’s maybe a fun thing […] They’re not really buying it for games, they’re just buying it as a novelty.”

It really is sad that they still don’t get it. The Wii has outsold the 360 every month save one for the last 18 months or so, and all MS can do to lick their wounds is say, “It’s a fad.”

Fads don’t last TWO Christmas seasons, coming on very strong for a third.  Sure, it’s a different type of gamer entering the market for the Wii.  That has to scare Microsoft.  They failed to broaden their market, so someone else did it for them without MS having a plan to capitalize on it.  Instead, MS seeks to marginalize the new or returning or casual gamers.

Screw you, 360.  I don’t need you.

(Now, comic fans, sub in Marvel/DC for “Microsoft” and manga for “Wii.”  Interesting.)

2 thoughts on “Let us now beat up on Microsoft

  1. “Screw you, 360. I don’t need you.”

    Yeah I have to agree. Funny too how I was reading that one of the big announcements at the upcoming E3 Expo is that Microsoft are going to unveil a motion-sensitive controller similar to the Wii-remote. And in all honesty when I look at console-specific games the only one I want to get from the 360 would probably be Halo (I can wait for GTA-IV on the PC). And then you look at Nintendo and they have Marios, Zelda, Metroid Prime and so forth.

    It really is such a ridiculous statement when you think about it.

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