The English Language, Butchered Some More

On this week’s episode of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight,” Jon uttered the phrase, “until they graduate college.”

Kate instantly scolded him for “leaving out the preposition.”  She prefers “graduate from college.”

Then, in her next sentence, she said she “could care less.”  Then she repeated it, “I could care less.”

So, to recap, she scolds her husband for leaving out [sic] a preposition that didn’t need to be there, and then uttered a completely meaningless sentence that’s a common grammatical faux pas without being castigated one bit for it.

She has it so good. . .

7 thoughts on “The English Language, Butchered Some More

  1. Scarier still .. is a grown man admitting he watches that show .. and pays attention for longer than a moment.

    Then again, I religiously watch Big Brother – so who am I to judge ?

  2. I have to back Augie up on this show. It’s a trainwreck that you must watch. Jon is by far the most beat down shell of a man I have ever seen. Seriously.

  3. Johnny – It’s my #1 pet peeve in the “Abuse of the English Language” category. It’s doubly maddening when someone professing to be a better grammarian doesn’t hear herself say it. It’s triply maddening when someone claims that they REALLY do mean it that way. They say “I care just a little.” No, you just don’t know what you’re talking about, idiot! UGH.

    Rob – I’m married. I watch a lot of questionable TV now. Not sure I’ll be watching Big Brother this season, though. I think I’m finally burnt out on it, particularly after the last winter season.

    Kevin – Yeah, I sympathize with Jon, and identify in a lot of ways with him. He’s just helpless. He’s a lost soul. Having eight kids can do that do a guy, though, I suppose.

  4. “Could care less” irritates me too, but my premiere bad-phrasing peeve is when sports announcers say that a team that is playing badly “needs to get untracked” (instead of “on track”). Primarily a football thing, I think. Bugs me something awful.

  5. Yeah, Kate is kind of evil.

    As for my top pet peeve from reality shows, it’s Randy Jackson’s effort inflation: “Dawg, you gave it 110%!” to “You gave it 150%!” to “You gave it a million percent!”

    One can only give 100%! Anything more is not possible! Arg.

  6. On tonight’s show Kate said that Time Outs are “sporadic and ofTen”…first of all, look up the meaning of “sporadic” Kate! Also…the “T” in often is silent…ask any English teacher. You’ll hear it both ways but silent is proper.

    Both Jon and Kate misuse the word “myself” frequently as in…”Jon and myself” and “Kate and myself”….wrong usage folks.

    Listen to her pronounce the word “OUR” at the beginning of each show…it’s “OUR” Kate…not “ARE.”

    Kate tries to sound intelligent but isn’t.

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