Moving Day

The wife and I are moving out of the one bedroom condo we’ve called home for the past few years.  (The wife has been here four, I’ve been here nearly two.)  We won’t move into our bigger and better home for a couple of weeks, but I am afraid I need to take a vacation day today.

Please, talk amongst yourselves in the comments below.  Give me all your harrowing moving stories.  By the time I read them, mine will be over and I won’t get nervous from reading about how bad it might get.

Thanks, and have a good weekend.  I’ll see you back here on Monday!

8 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. I hate to move. But then who doesn’t. Best thing I ever did about moving though? Hire movers. Worth every penny.

  2. My movers this morning were very friendly. Had a good time with them. Now I’m in the empty place cleaning out the little things that we weren’t moving into storage for the interim. It’s tedious.

    Plus, I realized this morning that the computer desk wouldn’t survive the move. So I had to take that apart and send it to the dumpster. It did it’s job for a few years.

    The wife will be home soon. I better get back to moving things around. heh heh

  3. Whilst Augie is away, who wants to talk about Last Comic Standing? God’s Pottery were robbed!

  4. The hidden horror of moving is how many new things you end up having to buy. New hall lamp requires special light bulbs, old bath mats wont fit, current bookshelf is too tall, curtains have to be replaced, the list goes on.

  5. me & the girlfriend – finally made our big MOVE – after being together for 5 years. Didn’t work out that great leaving the place she lived before though. Her landlord ( her step-aunt ) decided after living there for 8 years – that my girlfriend had promised to give her $ 500 for an 8-year old stove in her apartment – my gf said NO at the time & said TAKE IT AWAY – the “aunt” did nothing – 8 years pass without comment, and all of a sudden- the aunt decides to try and screw her “niece” for $ 500 more. As we were moving things out of the apartment, the aunt just screamed calling us names, wouldn’t let us move things, and just wouldn’t leave. She almost atacked my gf – at which point asked her to leave nicely, she wouldn’t. We had to get police involved- at which point she had to suddenly leave as fast as possible. Moving into OUR place after that – was just a cakewalk.

  6. My big moving horror story involves a U Haul truck rental about 6 or 7 years ago. I had booked a decent sized U Haul truck to do the move with the help of some friends. I called the local place the night before to confirm my reservation only to be told that they did not have a truck and that if I had a problem with it, I needed to call U Haul directly. So, I called U Haul and the confirmed that they did not have a truck and that they didn’t know if they would even be able to get a truck. So, I asked to speak to their manager. I went up the chain getting angrier and angrier and finally was told that yes, there would be a truck there tomorrow.

    So, of course, I showed up the next morning to, you guessed it, no truck (we weren’t the only ones this happened to). So, I immediately went to the new apartment and called the U Haul customer service line. And they gave me the same story about not having trucks, etc. And I told them that I called and was told I would have a truck and that I had to move that day and couldn’t postpone. They ended up calling the local U Haul and made them call around to find me a truck. They eventually found a truck in the area, but I could only have it for an hour and a half. I said sure, I’ll take it, because having something is better than nothing.

    So, I showed up to pick up the truck and the guy asked if i had a reservation. I said yeah, for another truck. And he said, well, before I give you this truck, we need to cancel the old reservation, or they will charge you a no show fee!!! We took the truck and started to move things. With only an hour and a half, we could only get the BIG stuff, things that wouldn’t fit in our car (we were just moving to the other side of town fortunately). So, we got it all moved and then spent the rest of the week shuttling our things back and forth in our car. To this day, I have sworn to never use U Haul again and I tell everyone how bad their customer service is.

  7. Good luck with the move, Augie. How did you move all of your comics? Have the movers pack them? Did it yourself? The family and I are getting ready to make the big move from the Bay Area up to Portland in a couple of weeks and moving my comic books is the item that is stressing me out the most! I’ve got full runs of Ultimate Spider-Man, The Walking Dead & Invincible that are my most prized possessions (even though I have all of the HC) – how do I get those moved without incurring damages? Aarrgh! It was much each easier when I moved West and was able to leave my collection at my parent’s house in GA.

  8. A couple years ago I moved from east to west coast for a new job (the new company paid for movers, which was excellent). The moving guys who packed up my stuff were great. I took a nice leisurely week-long drive out in my car, saw some sights along the way.

    Then I waited for the moving company to call me about when my stuff would get there — they couldn’t schedule an exact date beforehand because of the logistics of going cross-country in a big tractor-trailer truck with a couple other people’s stuff (going from other origins and to other destination cities, presumably). That’s no problem. But after the expected time I still had heard nothing. After several phone calls I discovered that my stuff had been sitting in a depot out on the east coast for that whole time and they’re very sorry and they’ll get on to moving it out right away.

    I had allowed a week in the new town before my starting-work date, but it was evident that it probably wouldn’t arrive before then. So, quick shopping trip to get a couple nice shirts/pants for the first couple days on the job so I don’t look like an idiot showing up in T-shirts and shorts. Eventually my stuff arrives about 9PM after I get back from my first day of work. Unloading goes great too. The “forgot about my stuff for a week” thing was the only (major!) irritant.

    Counting the boxes of books/comics was also fun. I think there were 30 or so. My primary vice, book accumulation. Trip, I’m not a real stickler when it comes to the condition of my comics, but I just have them stored in long boxes and those seemed to move very easily. I think any compentent movers should have no problem with them. You can also ask about their policy on insurance/recompensation for your belongings in case of the worst, though hopefully it wouldn’t be necessary.

    Good luck Augie! May you have no horror stories after all’s said and done!

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