Amazingly, eBay is not dead yet

You know what?  It’s not that eBay is dying.  It’s just that people would rather buy something on-line in ANY OTHER FASHION.  There are too many eBay horror stories, too many fees, and not enough good deals anymore.  If a service doesn’t give its clientele what they want and can’t give them an adequate level of safety and comfort, it’s going to go down.  I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: Burn, eBay, Burn.

And if that’s not enough for them, eBay is now busy shooting itself in the foot:

eBay has struck a deal with the Web retailer that allows the company to sell millions of books, DVDs, electronics and other items on eBay without paying the full complement of eBay fees.

Unbelievable.  eBay can’t die soon enough. I just wish someone would start up a competitive website for when eBay finally dies. I know I’m not alone.

One thought on “Amazingly, eBay is not dead yet

  1. I have some internet friends and we all collect and play retro gaming systems and we have found that is much better than ebay if you are patient enough. Ebay survives because of those wanting instant gratification with the adrenaline rush from the unknown.

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