Thursday Linkages and Twittages

  • We haven’t had the need to update the SCO story for a long time. I thought it was over.  Turns out, it’s not.  And this latest update is so insane, I couldn’t explain it if I tried.  I link you to Slashdot to give it a try.

I haven’t done a full scale Twitter post lately, but here are some recent highlights of the last couple days:

  • I love PayPal and all, but still think they take too big a chunk out of my change, if you know what I mean.
  • San Diego is one week away. I may begin crying —- now.
  • First reaction to new OAR album – very radio friendly. Almost too much so. That’s only the first half, though. And I like the first single
  • 15 inning all star game? Who the heck pitched?!? Did they pull Wade Boggs out of retirement or something?
  • So, Amazon’s new Buy Me Later means I have to write them a check at the end of the process? JUST TAKE PAYPAL, AMAZON! Sheesh
  • The cell phone kept dying overnight. Then I realized there was no signal near my temp bed and searching for one for hours was killing it.
  • Wow, that’s an insane number of songs for Rock Band II. Bonus: I recognize more than a dozen.