Baseball is too commercial? Nooo…

iTunes is offering up a $5.00 video of the All Star Game.  What’s in it?

iTunes All Star Game

That wretching sound you just heard me make after reading the first five lines above is sponsored by Coca-Cola — stir to remove bubbles, and drink to cure your nausea!

The good news is, that $5.00 charge is considered a “Season Pass,” so it pays for four files.  The game, itself, runs 3:30.  Impressive.  Once you eliminate the commercials, it’s not THAT long a 15 inning game. . .  Individual files can be had for $1.99.

Say what you will about the Yankees, but at least they didn’t sell out on the name of their stadium to the highest bidder. (Wait, they haven’t sold out on the new Stadium, have they?)